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Dreamers of '68

With hands still black from the morning paper Drenched in stocks and unrelenting wars
We’ll wipe the stardust off our projectors
Let faces flow in and hope they will
Seduce us with our mirror image
Clearer than the original still
Outside the smoke veils our façade
Gas grenades beget weeping ballades
From every corner of this sorrowful earth
Voices beckon, but still we stay
In this theater of dreams we’ve crafted
Kiss to the sounds of Paris ablaze

Rag wicks and flammable liquids
Dictate the cadence of the march outside
Men are mourning in the key of night
Blood spilled in eternal floodlights
They inquire why we won’t fight
To which we, the pagans, reply: "I never quite sang my praises
Merely mumbled phrases
And my prophecy of mazes
Offers no solution to your tragedy
So what is it that you want from me?
I said what is it that you want from me?”

These dreams are all we’ve ever known
These dreams are all we’ll ever need
The adage that shaped our temple
Into a bacchanal retreat
But there’s a faint note of doubt
That has lingered in our abode for days
Constructing crescendos
To calibrate our fixed state
Dissonant swan songs Reverberate
With the rich timbre
Of unfulfilled destiny
Now the billowing smoke
Has found a host in my lungs
And I can barely speak the words
That once were proudly sung

You whisper your words
So close to my ear
That they sound like a scream
Yeah, they pierce like a scream
March has never before
Carried such vile winds
Howling the chords
Of a primal symphony
And now the strangest of storms
Is corrupting the clouds
Made every weathervane in this town
Point directly to our house
Tonight we dance in the gas mask carnival
Douse our teeth in kerosene


from Mnemosyne, released March 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Sanchez, the Devil & the Hierophant Utrecht

Is a five piece experimental band originating from Utrecht, Holland.
They draw from a diverse spectrum of genres, ranging from post-metal to hardcore to folk, the result of which is a sprawling and dynamic sound. Intertwining abrasive and churning riffs with long unwinding passages, they make for an immersive listening experience. ... more

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