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released March 15, 2012

Sanchez, The Devil & The Hierophant is:

Martijn Boogaard - Drums
Jakko Kemper - Guitar, Vocals & Piano
Miguel Murgia - Keys, Soundscapes & Glitches
Marco Walma - Guitar
Seline Van Der Weert - Bass Guitar

Music by Sanchez, The Devil & The Hierophant
Lyrics by Jakko Kemper
Produced by Sanchez, The Devil & The Hierophant & Gijs Oomkes

Additional Vocals by Jikke Van Esch
Violins by Gera Kruithof

Photography by Wouter Verberkt
Artwork by Yvonne Brouwers

Engineered by Gijs Oomkes @ Gijs Geluid
Mastered by James Plotkin @ Plotkinworks

Special Thanks to Elroy Mosterd




all rights reserved


Sanchez, the Devil & the Hierophant Utrecht

Is a five piece experimental band originating from Utrecht, Holland.
They draw from a diverse spectrum of genres, ranging from post-metal to hardcore to folk, the result of which is a sprawling and dynamic sound. Intertwining abrasive and churning riffs with long unwinding passages, they make for an immersive listening experience. ... more

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Track Name: Indian Summer
An Indian summer seeps through autumn’s cracks; fever dream through storm
renders the earth ripe with song
Of a lifetime chronicled in messages written on the backs of photographs

Let’s leave our footprints in the frequencies filling the air at night
Tides of light rise and recede against a backdrop of tranquility
Time with tireless hands interweaves our lives; lets us constellate the skies each night
Through corporeal deceit we exorcise spiritual impurities

And as we’re balancing on the hinges of sleep
We’re struggling all to leave our mark on the infinite procession of souls
And the morning finds our bodies fallen back upon the earth
With the force of a hundred years worth of malignance purged
But as long as there’s still one light burning on Bonfire Night, we’ll survive We’ll survive
Track Name: Sung Above The Glass
Sung above the glass

What fuels the black lights blazing in the dead of the night?
It’s the radiance reposed in toasts proposed to better times
It’s the velvet-textured ripples in the pools of younger minds
It’s the shards of light left to us by all our friends who died
It’s starlit skies reflected in neon-barred eyes
It’s the moribund request for a sempiternal night We stand transfixed beneath the melting twilight as the first lights curiously colonize our streets (*2)

Raised bottles baptize the night from basements and rooftops alike
Oh cleanse us with the fires of sin, let us be washed by the storm
Let tonight be a testament to the idea that
Stories that live longest; they are sung above the glass
Track Name: Aurora Veil
I can’t find you now
Been aimlessly wading
Through synthetic mists
And empty bottles
In every bar in every town the smoke machines wear me down
They falsely promise more than iterations of that same phrase: “I can’t find you now.”

Every aurora hides your face
And every sunbeam guides the way
To a consecrated place
Where we once lied awake
On the quietest of dawns
I can still hear us
I know when gravity comes
So will your name
Well, transcendence fades and sounds of repose become pathetic chants in monotone;
“My friends, I can’t find you now”
Track Name: Dreamers of '68
Dreamers of '68

With hands still black from the morning paper Drenched in stocks and unrelenting wars
We’ll wipe the stardust off our projectors
Let faces flow in and hope they will
Seduce us with our mirror image
Clearer than the original still
Outside the smoke veils our façade
Gas grenades beget weeping ballades
From every corner of this sorrowful earth
Voices beckon, but still we stay
In this theater of dreams we’ve crafted
Kiss to the sounds of Paris ablaze

Rag wicks and flammable liquids
Dictate the cadence of the march outside
Men are mourning in the key of night
Blood spilled in eternal floodlights
They inquire why we won’t fight
To which we, the pagans, reply: "I never quite sang my praises
Merely mumbled phrases
And my prophecy of mazes
Offers no solution to your tragedy
So what is it that you want from me?
I said what is it that you want from me?”

These dreams are all we’ve ever known
These dreams are all we’ll ever need
The adage that shaped our temple
Into a bacchanal retreat
But there’s a faint note of doubt
That has lingered in our abode for days
Constructing crescendos
To calibrate our fixed state
Dissonant swan songs Reverberate
With the rich timbre
Of unfulfilled destiny
Now the billowing smoke
Has found a host in my lungs
And I can barely speak the words
That once were proudly sung

You whisper your words
So close to my ear
That they sound like a scream
Yeah, they pierce like a scream
March has never before
Carried such vile winds
Howling the chords
Of a primal symphony
And now the strangest of storms
Is corrupting the clouds
Made every weathervane in this town
Point directly to our house
Tonight we dance in the gas mask carnival
Douse our teeth in kerosene
Track Name: Mnemosyne

Our city sprawled out in the night
Drowning in a sea of light
Tonight we perform its final rites
We’ll watch the traffic lights form constellations
Our city sprawled out in the night
Drowning in a sea of light
Now you carefully seek the words
To articulate your silence
Keep me company once more
As we walk where all the lights converge
Sing songs to keep the ghosts at bay
Vivid, full and sonorous
You now resist definition, no matter how I fix my gaze on you
In this city of somnambulants Shallow, dull and echoless

It may not have seemed like much at the time
But they were still infinitely mine
But you were still infinitely mine
But it was still infinitely mine
I’m so fucking tired
Of whispering my words
Into the ears of a corpse
Well, I've found a new muse now
Goddamn Mnemosyne Sing to me
Track Name: Downpour

Today’s architects found aesthetics
In a deluge that births a glistening earth
Cascading rain rinses our rooftops
Provides the rhythm to our drown out rhyme
And magnifies memory’s defective lens
Makes us long for distant times

‘Cause we’ve all been swept away
In our sleep, from cherished shores
Across the great sea of time
Calling on exotic currents
To leave us ever-longing for
Things buried beneath Its blackest depths

Every house harbors a soul
Refracting the past with a prismatic mind
While the skies weep of deliverance
Grant us entry to where our dreams reside
It rains nowhere
It rains nowhere the way it rains here
And now that the storm has receded to a whisper in the willows
Let’s go outside and watch the world unfold

We’ll watch the world unfold
In all its dazzling glory
And drink until the flood abounds
(Like a blessed sea upon a thirsting shore)
Track Name: Fever Dreams
So the stardust gleams like a fever dream
The city speaks in tongues and is dreaming us a symphony

Berlin is coming alive

Excited voices whisper that night’s approaching fast The sky becomes a deep blue gown that’s stitched with all the ghosts of its past
Cameras capture manufactured moments and brilliance shines from all the vacant lots
We sing off-key but in harmony with newfound friends and drunken refugees
“I won’t follow you home tonight, or ever, but forever you’ll be in my mind
And at one point we may reunite, but in different forms and different vessels, and we may not know it at the time”
Let’s not fight our wars in the trenches of tomorrow, but revel in the ruins of today
Relive days when we felt so much more alive – when we felt like giants with growing pains
You say we amount to nothing more than a grain of sand in this desert’s land Yet what is any desert but a million, a million grains of sand And to honor its existence is to honor your own And to honor its existence is to honor your own And to honor its existence is to honor your own And to honor its existence is to honor your own Tonight it’s all forgotten
Track Name: Night
The wind upon which my wings once beat, now taken from me And every thought I bleed is processed by this factory My own life tastes so bitter now that I've sipped from yours On rapture's tail you traverse a path which all the righteous heed Still in your shadows I've crept to collect all the skin you shed And from it flowers of flesh bloom under a torrent of

Art, love, sex, death, life, lust, redemption, pain, ire, chaos, order, night
Track Name: Carne Vale
Carne vale – farewell to the flesh - here's one to drown out the last lights and warm us from within.
Carne vale - farewell to the flesh - tides of light will rise against a backdrop of tranquility